Burnout CRASH!

Burnout CRASH! 1.0.3

Car collision destruction

Burnout CRASH! is an iOS game that brings the classic Crash mode to mobile devices. View full description


  • Fun gameplay
  • Good graphics


  • Slightly repetitive
  • Control scheme is annoying at times

Very good

Burnout CRASH! is an iOS game that brings the classic Crash mode to mobile devices.

The early Burnout games featured a Crash mode where you tried to cause the maximum amount of dollar destruction possible. While this mode was scaled back in more recent games, Burnout CRASH! focuses on that gameplay.

Containing three modes over a large number of stages, Burnout CRASH! lets you unleash carnage and destruction.

Rush Hour: a time destruction mode where you destroy as much as possible Road Block: cause as many traffic disasters possible Pile-Up: set fire to everything

These three modes are the gameplay experience of Burnout CRASH!. The different modes offer separate challenges. Controlling your vehicle is simple. You swipe over it to move it around the level. As more destruction happens, you can unleash your Crashbreaker which is a localized explosion that has varying levels of power depending on the car.

The different levels require different strategies to accomplish the level goals. As you earn more stars, better vehicles are unlocked. The attributes of the cars can assist a lot in getting those last achievements, but sometimes Burnout CRASH! feels like a grind to get them.

The graphics in Burnout CRASH! are good. They are not the most detailed, but they allow for a lot of action to happen on screen at once. The explosion animation is the most satisfying, but some structures in the game are very basic looking. It actually adds to the strategy because plain buildings do not give huge points.

Burnout CRASH! has a specific style that is recreated in the game faithfully so you will not be disappointed, but it is not the most visually intensive game.

Burnout CRASH! is a fun, destruction filled game, but it can get repetitive.


  • Usability improvements and fixes
  • Graphical enhancements for the new iPad
Burnout CRASH!


Burnout CRASH! 1.0.3